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2017 Summer Groups
Fit Kids Healthy Living: Wednesday 3:00-4:00 PM August 9th- August 30th (Ages 6-15) $160
Fit Kids is an exercise class that is perfect for children who demonstrate decreased strength, balance and coordination. Each session will begin with a warm up activity, then flexibility and strengthening activities and activities to increase balance, coordination and endurance. The class will include activities that can be modified for each child as needed. All ability levels are welcome! As part of the class, the kids will learn exercises and activities they can do at home independently and with others in order to increase their fitness level. Healthy living ideas will be discussed at the end of each session to increase independence and incorporate healthy living at home
Bike Riding: Monday 6:00-7:00 pm OR Wednesday 9:00-10:00 AM June 19-July 31 (No July 4th Week) (Ages 4+) $240
During this class, we will progress bike riding skills at an age and ability appropriate level. Along with tools to help promote bike riding, the class will also include fun gross motor activities to improve core strength and balance that is needed to be able to ride a bike. Please bring your own bike if you are able; helmets are required to participate in class. All children 4 years of age and older are welcome. If your child requires an adaptive bike, please provide as appropriate.
Beginning Social Skills (5-7 years): Monday 10:00-11:00am June 12-July 24th (No July 3rd) 6 weeks $240
This group is designed for children who are having difficulties or delays in development that impacts their ability to play and socialize with peers.
Topics which may be addressed within the group include: introductions, following schedules and rules, taking turns/sharing, dealing with frustrations, making choices, basic conversation skills, learning to listen/reading social cues, cooperating with others, and initiating play/joining in.
Ball Skills: Thursdays 9:00-10:00 AM July 20th- August 10th (Ages 6-13) $160
This group is appropriate for children with difficulty with any ball skills such as dribbling, throwing and catching we will explore new skills including throwing, catching, kicking, dribbling, dribbling with feet, and will improve these skills during drills, games, and other fun activities.
Social Skills (8-11 years): Thursdays2:30-3:30 pm June 15-July 27 (No July 6) 6 Weeks $240
Social Skills Group is designed for Middle School students who have difficulties with social communications. The group’s comprehensive, curriculum is based on the work of Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking and Superflex. The curriculum reflects the belief that children will become more socially competent if they understand how the social world works and why specific goals are important in different contexts.
Handwriting: Tuesdays July 11-August 15th (Kindergarten-3rd Grade) 9:45-10:45 AM $240
This group is appropriate if your child: needs to improve handwriting skills, could benefit from the opportunity to practice writing in a fun and engaging format, or needs a “summer writing refresher” before beginning school in the fall. Parents will be provided a weekly handout with information related to the lesson along with activities to incorporate writing into your daily routines at home. Come and join the fun!

Call Family Achievement Center 651-738-9888 or email cmadsen@familyachievement.com
*All groups are based on a private-pay format

All groups are located at:
Family Achievement Center
2101 Wooddale Drive, Suite A Woodbury, MN 55125

*All groups led by licensed Physical, Occupational or Speech therapists*

Annual Awards Night
Just as many children receive awards for their participation in sports and academic programs throughout the year, the staff of Family Achievement Center (FAC) believes that our clients deserve recognition for their ongoing hard work in their individual therapy programs.

Each child who has participated in one or more of FAC’s therapy programs may qualify for a special award to be presented at Family Achievement Center’s Annual Awards Ceremony. PAC is about providing hope and improving lives for our clients and their families. The Awards Ceremony is one way that happens while recognizing and celebrating together, the milestones along the journey.

Woodbury Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy

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